Rocke Solid McShane Foundation

Service Pets For Service Vets™

We pair service dogs to veterans with PTSD free of charge.

General Dunlavey voices support of's Service PETS for Service VETS ™program

Service Pets for Service Vets ™ is the flagship program of the Rocke Solid McShane Foundation, a federally registered nonprofit organization. The Service Pets for Service Vets ™ program provides free theraputic and service dogs to soldiers diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Program goals are to increase the amount of Psychiatric Rehabilitative Assistance dogs (PRAD) placements to veterans afflicted with PTSD and establish statistical evidence of the therapeutic benefit of service dogs used in conjunction with traditional treatment regimens.

Three Ways to Help

Make a Referral

Let us know of someone who may have an interest to know more about our FREE program or who may qualify to receive one of our PRAD or service trained dogs.

Become a Volunteer

Join our Rescue Identification Team (RIT). At the end of year 2013, we estimate having the capacity to train volunteers to identify dogs from rescue/kill shelters that would qualify for PRAD/Service level training. At this stage we will be setting the standard criteria for healthy, young dogs that will qualify for our training program.

Or join our Medical Evaluation Team (MET) to help assess, coordinate, and implement appropriate services and support for program clients. The team is comprised of social workers, psychologist, and nurses who collaborate directly with a client’s primary mental health care or medical care provider to monitor and adjust necessary support and services as she/he proceeds thru the service dog program.

Make a Donation

The training and certification for each service dog traditionally carries a $25-30,000 price tag; however, we are now utilizing dogs resourced to us from a network of friends, rescue shelters, trainers and humane societies. With this approach, we aim to retain quality while decreasing the dog-soldier match process and training costs. Please join us in helping to make a difference in the lives of war veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Donate on-line at www. or send your donation to: Pets for Service Vets ™, 12 Port Access Road, Erie, PA 16507.